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Matterform Media was founded in 1992. We offer the greatest value when we can be involved in a company’s entire Line of Business, integrating and automating disparate business processes.

Matterform founder Michael Herrick works from downtown Albuquerque in the historic Sunshine Building. During our two decades in business, we have worked with clients all over the world.

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Line of Business Applications for the Small Enterprise

We help small businesses work like big businesses with tools that create order out of chaos, automation out of drudgery. An agile LoB system simplifies daily operations and equips owners to devote more resources to their core business.

Process Integration · Security & Compliance · Ecommerce Automation · Online Marketing Integration

“In the time that I’ve been with Nina Designs, our business has grown to over four times its original size. This would not have been possible without Michael and Matterform Media.”—Leah Rivers,
Vice President, Nina Designs
Client since 1995

Case Study

Growth through Integration: How managing 100,000 product photographs helped a small jewelry company quadruple their business

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