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Line of Business Applications for the Small Enterprise

We Help Small Companies Grow Through Technology


We love startups! If you have just started a new business, we can help you design scalable business processes. We'll help you focus on a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) so you can launch fast. And we'll build on a solid foundation, so that as your business grows, your systems can too.


We make successful businesses even more successful. An agile Line of Business (LoB) system equips you to devote more resources to your core business. We'll show you how to make your systems more efficient and generate more revenue, without having to take on more staff.


Do small business owners ever really retire? Yes, if they've built real business systems that can survive the transition. We can help you distill your operational know-how into an integrated software suite. When your business runs on Matterform Line of Business software, you can finally be confident handing things off to a manager, a buyer, or the next generation.

Recent Matterform Projects

EHR Application Architecture and Design

Matterform collaborated with a client in developing an EHR application, designed with the rapidly evolving Latin American healthcare industry in mind

Virtual CTO Services for a High-Tech Startup

A startup founder was looking for strategic direction and guidance in architecting their application and building their tech team

Inventory and Supply Chain Management

A rapidly growing business needed a robust system to manage inventory and supply chains of their product lines

Mobile Device Field Service with Integrated Back Office Management

A traffic control and safety services company wanted to improve efficiency and improve logistics and communications by converting existing systems into digital ones.

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About Matterform

Founded in 1992 by Michael Herrick, Matterform has spent over two decades working with clients from all over the world. We offer the greatest value when we can be involved in a company's entire Line of Business, integrating and automating disparate business processes.

Specializing in Line of Business Application suites, Matterform runs out of the historic Simms Building in downtown Albuquerque.


Michael founded Matterform in 1992, and HIPAA.host in 2014. Michael is an expert in cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance, as well as development of business applications for small companies. Michael is a staunch believer in helping small businesses achieve their best. In his spare time, he is an avid reader. He lives with his family in downtown Albuquerque.

Michael Herrick


Diving deep into the VNET codebase, Antonio creates elegant solutions to all sorts of interesting problems. He also loves the exposure to learning new things that is inherent to programming. Off the clock, Antonio spends time with his family including wife, Shayna, son, Erak and daughter, Astrid. Tony's hobbies include woodworking, and playing music.

Antonio Degidio
Senior Developer


Crafting both code & words, Alicia seeks out new challenges while merging technology & creativity. Prior to joining Matterform, Alicia attained degrees in both Biology & English. Some of Alicia's hobbies are reading, writing, playing video games, & exploring nature. An avid rock climber, Alicia can often be found at the local climbing gym, or at crags throughout the state.

Alicia Broadhurst
Associate Developer

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