EHR Application Architecture and Design

Matterform worked side-by-side with a client developing an electronic health records(EHR) system for Latin America, and beyond. The goal was to create a modern application with frictionless user interactions, learning from and moving past the bloated, overcomplicated, and dated EHR applications currently in use in the United States and other countries. Implementing a strong, flexible architecture from day one, and adding data security and other protections that would exceed the strongest of government regulations ensures a strong foundation for further growth.

Some of the EHR features include:

  • Adaptive patient records system, to capture all the data required for specialties or other varying practice types
  • Straightforward patient intake system
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Automatic translation based on browser language
  • Automatic patient ID generation based on the regulated standards of the country for unique identity codes
  • Focus on maximizing interoperability
  • Easy onboarding for developers, designed to bridge the gap between senior and junior developers as well as increase junior developer value