Field Service Management System

A construction cleanup company was running their business on spreadsheets, whiteboards and text messages. This cobbled together network of systems was reaching maximum capacity; the amount of time and effort in spent in administration had reached a point where they could no longer take on new clients--there simply wasn’t enough time. These systems were also leading to increasing amounts of human error. They needed applications that could simplify and refine the entire business pipeline, while increasing effective team communication.

Matterform worked closely with the company to understand the entire work process pipeline, from the administrative team, down through crew supervisors and crew members, to accounting. We created a comprehensive field service management system that increased automation, simplified and sped up the pipeline, along with promoting better communication within the entire team. This new system has greatly reduced time spent on scheduling and logistics

Some primary features of the application are: 

  • Numerous CRMs, covering customers, services, employees and more 
  • Easy to follow work order pipeline 
  • Schedule view to track a work order through all stages 
  • Built in bookkeeping, including invoicing, payroll and receivables 
  • QuickBooks exports for both customer invoices and payments 
  • Ability to adjust percentages and prices for services on the fly or per customer basis 
  • Easy rescheduling and auto-rescheduling of work orders 
  • Email notifications regarding schedule changes and outstanding invoices

Our favorite features are the drag-and-drop interface for rescheduling which keeps things quick and simple, and the automatic email notification system.