Inventory and Supply Chain Management

A dental supplies manufacturer needed a singular system for inventory management. They were utilizing an array of methods to track inventory, including spreadsheets, paper systems and manual inventory searches. This collection of systems was very slow and the amount of human error occurring along the inventory pipeline was increasing. A one-stop shop that managed
suppliers, products, billing and returns was heavily desired.

We created an inventory management system that unified both their inventory pipeline, and their accounting processes. By unifying these systems, the accuracy of inventory tracking increased. In particular, current inventory status was updated automatically and far more frequently, decreasing the amount of manual checks required. By increasing the use of barcode scanners at various stages of the pipeline, human error also decreased. The amount of linked data also increased, allowing for better tracking of inventory status along with information connected to suppliers.

Features included in the application include:

  • Supplier CRM to manage contact information and associated product lines
  • Comprehensive database-powered product viewer containing all vital product information, including current inventory count with on-the-fly inventory correction tools
  • Barcode scanner support
  • Purchase order system allowing users to digitally create, track, and print purchase orders. Follows a purchase order through its lifecycle and includes an autocomplete for product SKUs to speed up data entry
  • Order forecaster to compare in stock product versus past sales records and current demand. 
  • Supplier specific metrics and accounting
  • Easy returns system. Scan items, mark reason for return along with item destination and mark batches for further quality assurance follow-up.
  • Bill management. Track bills from suppliers, including checking the ordered quantity versus the received quantity.

The complete pipeline history is the distinguishing feature of this application. Being able to access a full history of changes and updates, along with logs of who made those changes is incredibly useful.