Legal Case Management

A law firm working on a class action lawsuit needed to manage information related to class members along with a way to easily contact members through mass emails. Using spreadsheets to manage data was becoming unsustainable, as each class member had several associated forms and other documents coupled with contact information and class specific details. They needed a way to quickly access, edit, and manage all this data. Our case management CRM (Client Relationship Management) system was a perfect fit for their needs.

Key features of the application are:

  • Class member and client CRM to manage contact information and other vital details, along with lawsuit specific information like claim form ids
  • Legal document management. Documents can be uploaded and associated with individual class members
  • All documents are scanned with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and are fully searchable
  • Mass document uploader to upload and automatically associate documents following a naming convention
  • Time-stamped note feature allows freeform information to be recorded on any class member record
  • Email campaigns, featuring easy to use templates and template creation along with generation and management of mailing lists
  • Metrics tracking for email campaigns can measure open rate success, and track bounces while marking those class members as requiring follow-up via another contact method.
  • Robust reports to view and download specific subsets of data