Recent Matterform Projects

EHR Application Architecture and Design

Matterform collaborated with a client in developing an EHR application, designed with the rapidly evolving Latin American healthcare industry in mind

Virtual CTO Services for a High-Tech Startup

A startup founder was looking for strategic direction and guidance in architecting their application and building their tech team

Inventory and Supply Chain Management

A rapidly growing business needed a robust system to manage inventory and supply chains of their product lines

Mobile Device Field Service with Integrated Back Office Management

A traffic control and safety services company wanted to improve efficiency and improve logistics and communications by converting existing systems into digital ones.

Touchscreen Kiosk for Lead Capture and CRM

A solar energy company was searching for a way to remove the physical presence of a sales representative while still collecting leads from partnered locations

Data Collection Tablet App

An organization interested in voter rights was looking for an easy and mobile way to help register people to vote, while collecting leads to help people stay politically active.

Mobile Inventory and Stockroom Tools

A business with hundreds of products was seeking a quick and easy way to manage inventory on the go

Legal Case Management

A law firm conducting a class action lawsuit required a way to quickly manage class members and all their related data

Field Service Management System

We created a field service management system to increase efficiency for a business that was drowning in spreadsheets

Armored Vehicle Logistics and Scheduling

An armored truck carrier needed a better way to schedule and record large cash deliveries to ATM machines and retail locations

Mobile app for B2B Ecommerce

Dental practice employees can scan and reorder supplies right from the stockroom using any iOS or Android device

HIPAA-secure patient database

Physicians gather info during their hospital rounds and enter it into this secure application where staff sends it off for insurance billing

Operations for Jewelry Manufacturing

A jewelry manufacturer runs their eCommerce website and all back-office operations on Matterform Line of Business applications

Cybersecurity Assessment Application

Our RMIS (Risk Management Information System) enables certified risk analysts to gather, organize, and report highly technical data for conducting cybersecurity and HIPAA risk assessments

Point of Sale Integration to Accounting Software

A multi-location dry cleaning company needed to import sales numbers from their cash registers into their accounting and ERP software