Mobile Inventory and Stockroom Tools

With hundreds of products, this business needed a better way to manage inventory on the fly. Employees needed something quick and easy, a mobile solution that they could use to correct inventory count, and mark quantity changes as they fulfilled orders in the stockroom. Our mobile inventory and stockroom tool suite was a perfect fit, with powerful administrative tools backed by a strong database, and user-friendly front-facing interfaces.

  • Product editor with full support for custom fields. Whatever data you need to record, it can be captured.
  • Product viewer designed for mobile devices. Quickly update quantities and record inventory transactions.
  • QR codes automatically generated for each product. These QR codes are built into templates which can be printed on label paper.
  • Control access to different parts of the application, and whether a specific user can only view, as opposed to edit data
  • View and download reports that allows a deeper understanding into business processes. Clearly see trends in inventory count, current status, and more.