Virtual CTO Services for a High-Tech Startup

A client’s startup was rapidly gaining more and more interest from potential customers, and while they had a solid working prototype, and a strong executive management team, they were looking for assistance with the technical side of things. In particular, building their tech team, and increasing overall technical capability, allowing them to continue to grow and offer greater value to their clients, existing and new. The client was struggling to hire developers, as they were unsure about how to effectively evaluate their skills, education, and past work history. Another concern was whether or not they could afford to offer competitive salaries. Overall, they were looking to step things up to the next level within the company, but were unclear about how to manage the logistics of it all.

A clear solution was the virtual CTO services offered by Matterform. These consulting services are powered by the wealth of experience that Matterform, and its CEO Michael Herrick have accumulated over 25 years of business in technology and healthcare sectors. We work closely with clients to understand their current concerns and pinch points, along with future goals, with the end result being a solid roadmap the client can use to sharpen their technological edge, and maximize return of investment in numerous areas.

The strategic direction and guidance provided to this client included directly assisting with applicant interviews for developer positions, in-depth discussions about featureset and implementation timeline, and much more. Just hours after arriving in the city, Michael was already scheduling meetings, and interviews with potential developers. He worked on developing relationships between the company and local higher education institutions, developing a pipeline the client could continue to use for future hires.