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Client or Customer?

Learn what differentiates customers vs clients, which one you want to be and why

Matterform's New Office Space

Matterform is expanding...and with expansion comes a new office!

Matterform at Code for ABQ

Matterform participated in the first quarterly hack of 2017 for Code for ABQ

Meet us at 1 Million Cups

The Matterform team will be at the FatPipe co-working space in downtown ABQ, where our founder will talk about custom line of business applications. Come say hi!

Importance of an Operational Diligence Questionnaire

Are all your policies and procedures contributing to operational excellence? Can you be sure? Completing a due diligence questionnaire will let you know.

Why we don't sign NDAs

You keep signing that non-disclosure agreement. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Do you really need investors?

Why are you seeking investment capital and giving away pieces of your company? Instead, you can get clients to pay you to develop parts of your big idea.

Al's Big Dipper Website Redesign

Every restaurant website needs appetizing photos

Bring the Technology Vision In-House

An interim CTO can offer leadership with objectivity

Do you Need a Degree in IT?

Matterform CEO and other industry leaders weigh in on college vs less traditional career preparation